WALZ Trompet

WALZ Trompet Waldenmaier 1985 NL O E rood d.paarsrood / B S red d.purplered

Ouders / Parentage:   (F. magdalenae x ('Forgotten Dreams' x .?.)) x 'Whiteknights Pearl'

Deze plant is van hetzelfde zaaisel als 'WALZ Tuba' en 'WALZ Hoorn'.
This plant was selected from the same sowings as 'WALZ Tuba' and 'WALZ Hoorn'.

Bescheiden bloei in de zomer (2001) / Not so many flowers at once in summer (2001)

Deze rijke bloei vertoonde de plant pas eind september
This abundance of flowers only came when it was already by the end of September


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