Epiphyllum flowers not always smaller than those of Selenicereus

Subject: Epiphyllum flower size
Date: 26 July 2003

"Epiphyllum hybrids, which almost all of the cultivated ones are, occur in all colours from white to red or purplered. Their flowers are about 10-15 cm in diameter (mine had really big flowers, more than 15 cm I suppose), while the "Queen" has flowers of 30 cm, but they are only there for one night - they open at 10 pm and are fully open at midnight, and before dawn etc."

This isn't exactly true, there are many Epiphyllum hybrids with flowers between 24 and 30 cm.
If you see an Epiphyllum hybrid described as having "extra large" flowers (usually just abbreviated as "XL" next to the name) it means that the flowers are larger than 24 cm.

Here's a good size comparison: http://members.aol.com/jimofnwk/g_sueepi.jpg

And the page that picture came from (with info on the plant): http://members.aol.com/jimofnwk/garden1.htm
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